Lips To Kiss

A half finished painting that sits in my room, ready to be completed some day soon.  I am an amateur artist at best, rarely dedicating time to painting and thus rarely improving.  I do however enjoy the freedom to partake in it when I feel that urge to the push paint across canvas, to see what shapes appear and what ideas formulate before me.  This painting sprang forth one day in the garden whilst I was absently scraped paint and, using a brush, picked out the lines of the lips.  Lips seem, to me, so human in the variety of the ways that we use them.  That simple delicate touch of a kiss, which can be intimate and playful or formal and curt.  That these lips also represent another pair found on the human body is, of course, pure chance but they fit within the theme of love and all of the lust, romance and passion that this involves and entails across a life well lived.

Whatever you are doing today and whatever you are up to tonight, know that you are loved in some way by some one in this beautiful and harsh world of ours.


Acrylic on canvas, painted by the author. Lips are meant for kissing and for loving. If the photograph is shared please attribute as appropriate.


Here a few photographs taken with my Pentax S1a, using black and white film, framed.  I think they look pretty good in the relatively inexpensive frames, it certainly adds a certain subtle element of calmness to the photographs and slightly lifts them as well.

Okay the digital photograph was taken in a bit of a rush and there is a bit of smudge but here you go:

photographs in frames

I’ve got a few photographs that look pretty good in the frames, but the ones above highlight a quick peaceful scene of a teddy relaxing on the couch at home and the bottom photography represents some destruction near the house but it’s still a relatively peaceful scene.  I especially like the the detail of the trees and leaves that the film has managed to capture, although I perhaps have the camera set on too high a exposure as evidenced by the lack of detail on the left hand side brick post.

I’ve also been scouring the charity shops in the region to see what sort of photograph frames I can and I can happily report it is well worth the hunt!  Got some beautiful frames for photographs that I have given away as presents to family and friends.  It is always worth checking out charity shops as they have continually rolling stock and you never quite know what you are going to find!

I always think that there is no other feeling quite like when you are being creative and then, once you have finished either editing, painting or developing, standing back and scrutinizing the work that you have produced.  A lot of the paintings I’ve painted or photographs I’ve taken are often given away to family and friends for free.  I did once try to sell some artwork online but it just wasn’t happening, I felt almost curtailed by the fact that selling the artwork was forcing me to be creative instead of actually producing art just for it’s own creative sake (not that anyone ever actually bought anything, thank god!).  I feel the same way for any medium, whether it is writing here or my other more serious blog, or by doing anything creative.  I do it because I want to, I have the time to (when I can) and because I love just adding to the world in my own little way.

Who truly knows why we do what we do, or why we create what we create, whether it is some integral internal urge to express or whether it’s just to play, to feel truly at one with this planet and everything that lives, sometimes it is just daft, for fun, for shits and giggles, other times you just feel an urgent need to connect.  Ultimately of course that is what this blog is, it is a creative connection.  Not to anyone in particular, as I say in the about section its for no-one in particular but for everyone.  Just head out and create!