Blue is the Dream

Blue is the colour of my dreams, the inside and the outside worlds tilting but never quite fully falling over.  The flutter of the leaves in the wind and the beauty of the sky’s colours urged me to look up, to embrace the vast emptiness of existence.  No comfort was found, history meaning nothing to the future, but no comfort was needed.  It wasn’t that life is on a constant knife-edge of imbalance, when is it not?, but the fact that I could embrace the now, the cold comfort of the wind and the cawing of the birds as my own.  Distinctly my own, this moment and nothing more.  That nothing, or rather no moment, truly mattered or matters in the great cosmic life course of universal matter.  We were born and we will die, from whence we began we will return.


Photograph by the author using a Pentax Super ME camera and Lomography Lady Grey film, coloured using generic software. Please attribute if used elsewhere.

Reel to Reel: Introducing Sleepmeld

It’s something I cannot quite explain, but the warmth of photography film and cassette tape, of old analogue technology, still holds something for me that truly digital media or technology doesn’t.


Sleepmeld, a US based band on the Like Young Records independent music label in Albany, have recently released their self-titled debut album.  The product of musicians Austin Reynolds and Bryan Ackers, the album is triumph of music, beauty and production.  I don’t really want to describe the music here, as I’d rather that, if you reading this, you take a listen yourself and see what they are about.  Kindly you can take a listen here for free on the Bandcamp website, but I also recommend supporting the artists and the record label if you.  The lovely due behind Sleepmeld are even donating their proceeds of the sales to the Kentucky Science Center and the US National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Today I got their wonderful 5 song self-titled EP through the post.  Released back in 2013, the EP covers some of their earlier music, which combines the influences of science, sleep, dreams and the MOTHER series.  You can get a copy of the tape or download here.  I’d also recommend supporting the wonderful label that these folks on – it is truly heatwarming and invigorating to know that independent labels still release music that is distinct from the mainstream and are willing to take a chance on musicians across the world who go beyond the mainstream.  In short, it is a gift from the underground.

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