Lost Amongst the Waves

I have to agree with this brief blog review on ‘Justjoe‘ that the ‘Life of Pi’ is a beautifully full movie, full of moving scenes that climax in an emotional final act.  It is a film that richly rewards the audience with it’s intense beauty in both the dialogue and the use of music, and it’s rich alluding cinematography (those lovely lingering shots).  It has found the perfect balance between the impact and use of 3D film technology to enhance and include the audience in the film, alongside coaxing excellent performances from the actors throughout.

The language throughout is wonderfully conveyed by the film, with the ship that “moved with the slow, massive confidence of a continent”, a suitably beguiling metaphor.

Many times I have picked up the book but never bought it.  This will have to change, once I am through my current book cluster.