Other Blogs That Are Worth A Read

I realise that this blog is random.  Full of ill thought out scenes that in no way make a whole, or random bits of writing that never go anywhere; that stand independently and mean, ultimately, nothing to anyone other than the author.  However, I would like to point the reader in the direction of some rather delicious blogs so that even if you think you came away empty handed from this site, in reality there are a few choice diamonds sitting in your pocket.

And so we begin.  On the subject of writing there has been many books written about how to write, what to write, and why to write.  Frankly they can be boring, pedantic, tedious and over-thought.  Sometimes though there are gems, such as Stephen King’s ‘On Writing‘.  I recently came across this wonderful blog, from the author V. H. Thomas. In particular  this post, ‘A HELL of a lot of questions answered!‘, is a frankly written and enlightening piece detailing the myriad of questions that often gets thrown at the author by curious friends and fans.  The author’s eloquently written response sets out both her experience and her advice to budding writers and interested parties, in clear precise points.  Topics include how to start writing, what to do with a manuscript, how to approach getting your work published, and which media to do so.  An interesting and thought provoking read!

Next up is ‘The Activist’ blog, one that I have been following for some time.  Focused on human rights issues around the world, but particularly in Tibet and South East Asia, the author writes passionately on important issues that rarely make the larger newspapers or websites.  The articles are often well cited and read widely across the world, and although you may not agree with the author on every topic raised, it will certainly make you think.  This blog is but one voice among many, but it is a strong voice that campaigns for justice and honesty.

Perhaps one of my favourite sites is Swinging for Compass, which offers up bite sized chunks of writing from an enigmatic author who traverses the world.  The style is reminiscent of Hemingway, and not a word is wasted.  Being able to conjure up a feeling or a scene in as few words as possible is no mean feat, and the author of this blog captures each country that he visits perfectly.  The evocative language is simply a delight to read, and perhaps most movingly, the author writes about the every day characters that are often given short thrift in most travel writing.

And last, but not least, there is this wonderful site where you could waste many hours, The Useless Web.  This site helps to showcase what the internet was made for.  A personal favourite from this random site generator is this Staggering Beauty website.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Now if you don’t mind me, I’m going to listen to some Godspeed You! Black Emperor and muse over my career choice, or the lack of a career.  I cordially invite you to listen to a wonderful track that is both haunting and majestic…