Battered and Bruised

The ‘Human Bone Manual’ is my battered and bruised bible.  It is covered in dried mud as I consulted it in the field, pages are crinkled as I sprinkled water on it whilst referencing its pages as I cleaned skeletal material, and the spine is slightly damaged from numerous journeys in my backpack.  It is much like its owner, worn and jaded but hopefully well loved.


I relied heavily on the manual during the Masters year when we studied skeletal anatomy in-depth.   It became an extension of myself, forever in reach and ready to reference at a moment’s notice.  Having come across it again during the cleaning out of excess DVD’s and of the books read a thousand times, ready for the charity shop or exchange parlour, I sadly noticed how fast the information can leak from an overloaded brain when I flicked through the manual’s pages.  The terminology that had laid forgotten slowly sprang back to life, as I remembered the hours spent in the lab identifying numerous features, the hours passing as mere minutes whilst the day slowly turned into night.


One day I’ll make a wage from my knowledge.  In the mean time it shall remain a love and a passion.