‘Kveikur’ by Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós have a new album out now entitled ‘Kveikur‘, which is available to buy from their online site and all fine music shops.  The album marks a departure from their previous sound but is well worth a look.  It would be pointless to waste words when all you have to do is listen.  Continuing with their theme of engaging the general and interested public to interpret their music, Sigur Rós has asked people around the world what they think, feel and do when they hear and experience the new album.  The results are posted on a specially made website here.  The Icelandic band’s last release, 2012’s Valtari, had a competition for selected directors to make and produce film experiments for the individual songs on the album.  Some pretty spectacular efforts can be viewed on Youtube, including the short films for ‘Ekki Mukk‘, ‘Rembihnútur‘ and ‘Varúð‘.  The full 16 videos made can be found here.

August the 30th cannot come soon enough…