Some paintings finished over the past few months or so.  Only the head is oil paint, the rest are acrylic.  I am not to sure what I was thinking with the painting on the left, may be time to paint over that one!  Honestly the more I look at the chap in the middle the more I like him though.  The face looks possibly even better in black and white….



A Brief Relapse

I recently bought some oil paints to try out and to experiment with.  I have to say that although they take forever to dry and are an extremely messy medium to ‘play’ with (I’m not the cleanest person!), I’m quite enjoying painting with them.  I’ve done a few little paintings on board now ranging from the to almost true to life to the abstract, and I quickly painted this ‘self’ portrait on canvas earlier.  It is still drying at the minute, and once it is fully dry I will add another layer of oil paint with a smaller brush for finer detail.  I’ll think you agree that it is looking pretty rough at the minute!


It would be fair to say I am not a fine artist!

So for anyone looking to experiment with different artistic mediums, I’d say go for it- what is the worst that could happen?  At the end of the day it is all about expression of the self, and the ever challenging quest of trying to find your own artistic voice.  No matter who you admire art wise, or who you seek to emulate, you still have to start somewhere and with something.

Art is all about experimentation, self expression and playfulness, so get going!