Dark Nights, Darker Days

The city of dreams,
This is the city of my nightmares.

The city of my last love,
This is the city of a thousand cold hard stares.

I can’t breathe, but
I can see what
(I think) is all around me.

The city has me in a
Choke hold and it ain’t
Letting me breath.

Let me go, just let
Me go.

I scream to mangled foes,
Whilst all I get is broken bones,
Blow after blow.

In this city of spite,
There is no respite.

I don’t need to be free,
I just need to be.

Sweet Dreams

I mean… it’s not as if he is actually cuddled and surrounded by the music, nor radiating colours that blend into one another as the tempo or key changes, but he may as well be.  He’s sat at the back, alone only because everyone else nearly has finished work for the day.  He cracks on with the work though, piles through his expected target and carries on, pushing for the end that never comes.  Contact is maintained though, he enjoys the friendship of the people here but, at times like this, when there is no-one to talk to nearby, he’ll happily listen to the music and become truly embroiled in it, within it, all around it.  In fact he breathes the music in, fuses it to his very soul.  It clads the scaffolding of his skeletal system like a second layer of muscle, such is the reaction to what he hears.

The pace of his body, its autonomic functions and active movements become, in turn, a reflection of the beat that propels what he is listening to.  That, as a consequence, becomes the beat of his being at that point in time.  It changes only at the whim of the DJ, the flick of a switch, from hardcore to punk to hardcore punk to electric to magic and back again.  The finger taps on the keyboard, the clenching of the muscles continue, and even the closing of his eyelids are all timed with the beat that the heart follows.

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‘New Haunts’

Two of my good friends have gone on a major trip abroad for a few years (who knows, it may possibly be more).  Jackson and Andy’s first port of call will be exploring South East Asia by backpacking around for 6 months, whilst the 2nd leg of the trip will be spent journeying around Australasia, hoping to find jobs, earn some money and explore down under for a year or so.  If you are interested in following the excitement and adventure then head over to Andy’s blog at New Haunts!  Wonderfully wrote, it feels as if we the reader are there with him as he currently explores and experiences the great and mysterious South East Asia.  Their adventure has just started in the hustle and bustle of the busy capital city of Bangkok in Thailand but their journey into SE Asia will take them much further afield, taking in and exploring Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar over the coming weeks and months.

It is safe to say I shall miss both of my friends more than I would care to admit, perhaps even to myself, but I bidded them both a fond farewell here in my hometown and I know that it is a long journey that they have to make, both to discover the world and themselves, in the process of travelling.  I, for one, cannot wait for more updates from my good friend Andy and invite you to check in with them as well and see what they are up on this delightful blue and green world of ours!