I’m Never Happier Than When I See Your Smile

I’m never happier than when
I see your smile

And remember that pain
is fleeting

You asked me once why I was born
in the middle of the night

I had no answer apart from
to say that I was ready

And you kept asking, laughing
as you did so

‘Why were you born in the middle of the night?’

I’m never happier than when
I see your smile

Taken using a Pentax S1a 35mm camera with Lomography Lady Grey 400 (Fomopan) film. If reused please credit the author.

Dreaming in the Winter

Taking turns to sleep, taking turns to keep watch.  I wonder what my life could have been like if I changed just one of a thousand choices.  Would I still be alive?  Would I be living in a different country?  Would I still be as thankful as I am now for what I have got, or would I be hungry for more, oh so much more.

Taking turns to keep watch, taking turns to sleep.  Does she know just what I’ve done for her, even as I keep scanning the horizon, searching for the ever present threat of a life in the balance.  Would he still be dead?  Would I still be living in this country?  I’ll keep my watch, I’ll keep my silence.


Photograph by the author using a Pentax Super ME camera and Lomography Lady Grey film. If used elsewhere please credit as appropriate.