Forget Her

A machine on autopilot I carry on, but like a blade of grass powerless in the face of the wind I subjugate myself to these feelings and memories.  Wave after wave pounds me during the daylight hours, tossing me around in their grip, only letting my battered body and bruised mind surface with the wake of the rising moon, in the deep sleep of forgetfulness.

Lovers holding hands, a shared smile and the light touch of paired bondage, but no, not to me, there is only the will to forget, to carry on, even if she is out there somewhere now, living and breathing, loving another anew anon.  You wonder if she remembers that long kiss in bed, surrounded by winter’s touch and frosted windows, of that small bed made fit for two.  But don’t fool yourself, for heartache, or so it feels, lingers around every corner.

You forget how to move your lips in the awkward first embrace of a lover’s kiss, or the embrace of the hips as you dance and linger by the fires of passion in a night of sweat drenched ecstasy.  The clutched embrace of two drained and dirty bodies entwined like two vines on a crumbling wall, made ready to wrench asunder upon the jagged rocks of passion.

A heavy heart and a tender hand, a wandering mind combined with a baleful smile to make do and mend, to move and to forget.

  • With partial lyrics from the Jeff Buckley song ‘Forget Her’, which can be heard below: