You Know You’re Right

I will always remember taking a gamble on that plain black CD with the band name emblazoned in silver on the front.  I’d heard of them sure but I did not really know them, know who they once were or what type of music they produced.  It looked intriguing and interesting.  The one word that crept up in my head as I handled the CD case and looked for a clue as to what sounds I could expect was the word reverence.  The CD looked like a reverent artifact to a much loved band.

I got it, put it in the blue and white plastic bag and took it home to be played on my brother’s big old black ghetto blaster, the kind that if you put on top of your shoulder your back would sag due to its hefty weight.  The jangle of those first harmonic notes shivering into a chorus of raw vocals and grinding guitar had me hooked.  I loved the album, the band and the music.  Have done ever since I guess.  I delved deep into their music, original albums, back history and influences, read the biographies and dug a bit deeper.  Times I should have spent writing essays at school were spent learning about their musical equipment.  They got me through some hard times.  They will get me through some hard times again.

(I am aware of the controversy of the album, and heavily recommend the newer box set as well).