All my Friends Are Hermits & Other Such Tales

The contents of a book never published.  Drafted and edited for publishing in 1967 but never printed, this work remains lost among the vast swathes of literature produce year upon year.


Everyone should get crustaceans: views on the value of hermits by R. P. Hunter.

All My Friends Are Hermits

Chapter 1: A bottomless deep

Chapter 2: A seagull stole my dignity

Chapter 3: Homeless

Chapter 4: Stolen!

Chapter 5: Stollen!

Chapter 6: All my friends are dead

Chapter 7: The shell re-union

Other Such Tales

A Sea Shore Svengali

Deep Blue Yonder

Your Plaice or Mine?

The Best Catch

Wailing About Nuthin’

Those Catfish Eyes


A reverse view of the world: from sea to land and land to sea by W. L. Rimmington.