Lips To Kiss

A half finished painting that sits in my room, ready to be completed some day soon.  I am an amateur artist at best, rarely dedicating time to painting and thus rarely improving.  I do however enjoy the freedom to partake in it when I feel that urge to the push paint across canvas, to see what shapes appear and what ideas formulate before me.  This painting sprang forth one day in the garden whilst I was absently scraped paint and, using a brush, picked out the lines of the lips.  Lips seem, to me, so human in the variety of the ways that we use them.  That simple delicate touch of a kiss, which can be intimate and playful or formal and curt.  That these lips also represent another pair found on the human body is, of course, pure chance but they fit within the theme of love and all of the lust, romance and passion that this involves and entails across a life well lived.

Whatever you are doing today and whatever you are up to tonight, know that you are loved in some way by some one in this beautiful and harsh world of ours.


Acrylic on canvas, painted by the author. Lips are meant for kissing and for loving. If the photograph is shared please attribute as appropriate.


I have not painted for a while as it can get frustrating quickly and, often, the result is not what I had in mind.  Sometimes though I just like to see what happens and see what will come out.  I often have to cover a canvas in a multitude of colours before I am struck with some inspiration for the image that I want to appear on it.  This little fella popped up the other day and I have not yet decided if it is finished or not.  It looks quite joyful, not quite as sinister as I originally intended.  May shade the face a bit more to reflect the anatomy but, for the moment, I like it as it is.  Simple and unrefined.

A recent painting of mine which was partly influenced by the wonderful film Pans labyrinth. Acrylic paint on canvas.

Quickly Pressed On Paint

Below is something that I quickly painted with acrylics onto canvas yesterday.  The canvas had already been home to a few different paintings but each time I wasn’t particularly happy with the outcome and I quickly painted over them.  I think this one will survive, I like how textured the paint looks, helping to give it depth, and how rough the effects of the palate knife have made it look.  Regardless of how much I would love to paint the human figure, I always get a jolt of joy spreading the paint thickly across the canvas in no particular form or direction, to let the colour and shapes come though organically.  It is probably a life lesson for me to form some sort of coherent plan, but, much like my own life, it is a random process, completely at the mercy at the junction of the interactions of the biological and the physical.