About This Blog

This blog is just an out pouring, it is nothing more.  I hope you find something that you like or enjoy, even if it is just one sentence or one phrase amongst all the meandering words.  I run another blog that is geared towards a specific trade, something in which I one day want to gain work in.  That blog is pretty popular and it has surprised me.  This blog will largely remain hidden, perhaps seen by a few hundred if that.  I hope it is okay.

I will try and cover many topics on this blog, with entries on my favourite albums and bands, reviews or quotes from fiction and non-fiction works, and my own travel writing, short political stubs, photography, short literary scenes that rarely, if ever, turn into something more substantial, alongside other cultural blog posts.  Some may concern companies that have been set up by friends relating to cultural activities.  Some blog posts may just concern things that make me think, or make me laugh, or both.  Often they may just contain little observational scenes from my own life.

Essentially this blog is an outpouring of nothing in particularly, just my odds and ends.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,

Don’t Bend, Ascend.

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2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi! I love the creative writing that you post one here, and was just wondering where you get your inspiration from. I’m hoping to write a book of short stories and Kafka-esque ‘scenes’ a la his ‘Meditations’, but have no idea where to start. Any ideas?

    • Hey,
      Thanks for the comment! A lot of the short creative scenes come from small incidents in real life, from throwaway comments or short scenes witnessed that could be spun into something else, and they are all slightly twisted. They are all quite short scenes, (vignettes, I think right?) but I think the short scenes could be stretched out and given proper characters. That sounds like a wonderful idea for a book, let me know how it goes!

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