Cut & Paste Terror

Choose from the following sentences and order as appropriate to construct your own post for this blog:

a)  A twig snapped, birds scattered.  Eyes swirled to the source of the sound and a scream pierced the silence.

b)  He calmed his breathing, took stock of where he was.  The red mist was clearing.  Blood and dirt covered his hands.

c)  Running fast as his legs could carry him he ran into the countryside, ran until his feet and legs became caked in mud.

d)  It was a long night of soul searching in the wood as crawled around in the mud, like a bug on its belly.

e)  The moon hung silently in the night sky, a pristine gem that was ripe to be grabbed and stuffed into the pocket of whoever could reach it.

f)  He was angry, demented with the pain of a thousand treacheries: How could they treat him like this?  Rage cursed through his veins, his heart’s rapid pounding the engine of his fury.

Thank you for your time and consideration…

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