Crooked Arms

Crooked arms and broken bones,

Upturned stones and random loads,

Hope glitters eternal.


Steel sharp serrated blade,

Magenta hues and confused blues,

Tears flow eternal.


Ignored tomes and silent moans,

Confused howls and incandescent tones,

Lust echoes eternal.


I thought I knew you, thought I loved you, thought I needed you.  Hoping it remained true I see that you are thinner, empty now, a cold abyss at the centre where there was once warmth, affection and love.  Crocodile friends welcome you home, cry tears over your return but journeys never end, the past is never the same, the future is always open.  But still something has gone, a spark has been doused and your actions are muted.  In this one room cell of mine I will think of your love always, those warm hands and sacred kisses, the ever-so fleeting sensation of skin on skin.

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