Dinosaur Jr Jamming

Dinosaur Jr are one of my favourite bands of all time (along with Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Knife and a handful of others), and I’ve recently been enjoying watching this 30 minute live set recorded for 96bFM at Roundhead Studios in 2013.

Dinosaur Jr, for me, offer an intoxicating mix of low-fi rock that mixes extended guitar solos sesisons with sweet melodic acoustic music.  They are also fairly prolific at producing albums, with the singer-guitarist J Mascis also releasing a number of solo albums and bassist Lou Barlow also producing music with the band Sebadoh (who I’ve wrote about previously).  The latest album, 2012’s I Bet On Sky, is a particularly strong album that helps to showcase the variety of sounds that Dinosaur Jr inhabit.  Although this is just a brief stub about the band, I highly recommend reading Michael Azerrad’s 2001 book Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981-1991 which places Dinosaur Jr within the context from which they started playing.  It is a fantastic book profiling a number of important bands including Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney, The Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth and Husker Du among others. 

In a quick side note Dinosaur Jr have also influenced my guitar choice as I’ve recently got my hands on a mid level Fender Jazzmaster guitar.  I cannot wait to properly jam with it!


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