Foreseen Future

I recently returned to the city where I initially discovered the beautiful works of literature that Javier Marías produces.  As such it was a fitting place to come to the conclusion of Marías novel A Heart So White, a powerful and moving mediation on time and families, bonds and relationships.  If you find yourself browsing a bookstore and have never read any of his works before I heartily recommend you take a look and discover this moving writer.

As the train pulled out of the station and I left the city once more, I could only look towards my next journey, and to my next literary discovery, with joy as I thought of the power of the novel format to both move and inform the reader simultaneously.  Although my hometown now lacks bookshops I have a deep hope that one will return one day, perhaps in the not too distant future.

“…I realized that I found it very difficult to think about her and utterly impossible to think about the future, which is one of the greatest inconceivable pleasures known to anyone, if not the daily salvation of us all; to allow oneself to think vague thoughts, to let one’s thoughts drift over what will or might happen, to wonder without too much exactitude or intensity what will become of us tomorrow or in five year’s  time, to wonder about things we cannot foresee.”

A Heart So White, by Javier Marías.

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