Daydream Dreaming

My hands swept unchallenged across the beautiful piano keys, each delicate but determined touch quietly ringing out into the audience.  I was keeping time wonderfully, the artistic flares of my arms and the gentle rolls of the hands added a physical fluidity to the music and I smiled, dazed in my revere.  I was centre stage with a soft light highlighting me against the darkened masses, who waited with baited breath for the climax piece.

But no, it was I who awakened, to be found in front of a computer screen staring incessantly.  There was no grand piano keys, the only accompaniment I had was the dull sound of quick spurts of the keypad as I typed.  I continually finished one piece of work only for another to appear in its place as if by magic.

I closed my eyes again, once more I was playing the piano.

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