A Portrait of Friends

I’m still trying out my new film camera, an early 1960’s Pentax S1a model, trying to figure out what settings I should use for what types of shot and how to compose scenes.  It would be fair to see I’ve got a while to go yet before I get to where I want to be, to create the type of photographs that I want.  One thing however that probably won’t change is my using film rolls instead of digital cameras.

I just love the look of the film photographs once they have been developed; to my untrained eyes the photographs they produce look hyper-realistic.  I’ve still got around 6 rolls that are resting in my draw that are waiting to be developed at my nearest supermarket, so I’m hoping some shots that I’ve taken will come out well.  There is also the odd roll that does not develop, some probable light leakage going-on in certain photographs and the inevitable re-winding problems, but it is these accidents that make me love film more if I am honest – that there is always the chance for a mistake to improve the actual picture.

There is also the nervous wait to hold the pictures, to see if a photograph you have taken comes out as well as you have hoped.  There is no room to look again at the picture once you have taken it, like there is on the screen of the digital camera, you just have to hope for the best when you take the shot!  It is also the very realistic looking nature of the photographs that film produces, in comparison say to the smooth and often photo-shopped products from digital cameras, that truly captures my imagination and that alone makes me want to get better at it, although it will always remain a hobby.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  The photographs below are pictures of some of my friends that have been taken over the past few weeks since having the bought the camera and experimented a bit.  Enjoy!


‘Backseat driver’.  A quick photo of my friend Jamie.


‘One man and his beard’.


‘A pensive moment’.  A taunt call on the phone.


‘Back to back’, two good friends out in the sun.


‘A quiet chuckle’.


‘Watching the world’.  Two friends sit and watch the world go by.


‘Run rabbit, run’.  A friend escapes.

All photographs taken with a Pentax S1a with black and white film or colour film.  Please use Creative Commons licence if shared or replicated.

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