Clarity did not come from a hard day at the office, nor did it come from a bracing open air walk or from seeing his family locked in a loving embrace.  Instead clarity came from the drained pint class.   It came from the empty pint glass that clanked down onto the wooden bar as the bell rang ready for a lock-in.  It came to him in the pub, rising above the roar of the regulars, above the awful impressions on the microphone, above the blare of a population letting of a weeks worth of pent-up steam.  It was at this point that clarity put aside all thought and all distractions and came to him in the form of a clear mind.  It blazed for a singular moment only to be lost in the haze of the alcohol a second later.  He could only grasp at the tendrils of the thought the next day, but he knew that the ritual would be repeated the next week.

One thought on “Epiphany

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