And This Information Will Not Be Accessed

They couldn’t see it but it was just beyond their reach, locked away behind an unassailable wall.  It was a world of information which could improve lives and communication, a veritable utopia of freedom and knowledge, cut off in invisible streams that floated around the heads of the citizens.  They just needed the key to access it but the key didn’t exist, and hadn’t existed, for many years.  The remnants laid strewn in the darkest depths of the seas and oceans, pounded by the salt water pressure and slowly disintegrating into lumps of eroding metal and ever smaller pieces of plastic.

The networked system had long since been re-written and obliterated from the technology reports, the historical books and myriad of novels, the information purged with a righteous anger as the very stomach which it stilted, the public hunger, grew larger and larger for the very details it contained.

No, that world was now locked behind an invisible safe, the combination long un-remembered and the safe blasted into oblivion.

This was a brave new world in which the citizens could make their own choice, influenced not by people on the other side of the world but by their local communities, for their local communities.  The so called shackles that bind the world population together had been severed, and the population set ‘free’ from the thoughts of each other, from one another.

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