A Little More, A Little Less

I can see you hiding behind the delicately placed flowers, swimming in seafood colours.  I knew you were there, I didn’t want to break your incandescent smile, your wavy blonde hair bobbing up and down.

Come here child and listen to me ramble.  Among the brightest lights there are still dark spots.  Even when you think all around there is nothing but lightness they are there lingering in the background.  They protrude unwanted every now and again.  Like an unwanted relative bartering on your door, ‘let me in, let me in’, they cry and cry.

I tried to drown them out at first, thinking as one so often does that yes, yes they can be coped with unbidden ignored.  Until they start rotting slowly, festering, and then they silently feed, taking their time.  Here my child is where the fun does really start.

I notice you have a small flower, it is very beautiful.  Small and radiant, clasped tightly in your hand you are strangling it.  Let it go and watch it grow.  Bees and bugs will visit and the sun will beat down upon it, you will give it life once again.

But back to my little story shall we say, be what it may.  Imagine a cold dark alley with clouds far above the tall grey buildings, litter hugging the street and not a shade of green to be seen.  Walking along you are the only one.  Sometimes it’s once or twice a week that you imagine yourself here and then suddenly you find yourself walking among the same path everyday of the week.  It is a sudden shock, a sudden realisation.

Sometimes my child you just have to escape, take a break.  Let everything go and become nothing.  Sitting in my metal chair drinking my cup of coffee, one more before I go please waiter, I know what you will have to face.

Every day, my child, becomes a race.  Can you run a little faster?  Can you push yourself before you break and cry?  I mean not to disturb you but to bring you to your senses.  Remain a child forever more before you to grow with age, bending to meet mother earth in a cold reunion.  Enjoy what is around you each and every day and you will be fine.  Go along to your mother waiting, I will say no more and bid you, my young listener, a fond farewell…

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