A Dizzying Spell of Love

What a beautifully musical performance this video is!  I haven’t yet wrote on this blog about my love for music, about the pure ethereal transcendental power of music to move the very fabric of the human soul.  To me it is extremely pure, even as it deals with the broadest range of human emotions.  For those who have never played an instrument before, I urge you with all my earthly power to pick up something and to jam with your friends.  Nothing feels like a musicians grove, that unholy buzz and feeling of just being in the moment, it’s akin to what Kerouac achieved with his beautiful free writing in ‘On The Road’, it’s the bombastic mixture of sex, music and drugs.

Before I get carried away (I’ll save it for another post), here is the video…


*I’ve just discovered how good a singer Kimbra is, and I love her style of music.  It is the melding of styles and her strong and broad ranging voice that wins me over.

** Acciddentily put the song ‘Head Over Heels’ by Tears For Fears on instead of the above, definitely worth checking the song out however.

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