A friend asked if I could paint her a quick something to fit her front room, which had a union jack scheme.  So I came up with this, a quick little something.  The photograph is fairly accurate, although I don’t think it shows the background in all its lovely colour and shades, but hey ho.  Yes it is sloppy but I’ve never been a clean painter, and I cannot see that changing.  To my mind, all the colours behind the Union Jack represent the diversity and vibrancy of my beautiful country.

Acrylic paint on canvas (20"x16").

Acrylic paint on canvas (20″x16″).

I quite enjoyed the spread of colours in the background, and I think I’ll explore this further in another painting.  The highlighting of the bold colour splotches, by bordering them with a darker hue, is particularly visually attractive to my mind.  I can imagine other objects holding the centre ground, in splendid isolation against the colour; perhaps a miniature version of Stonehenge or some other megaliths!

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