A Quick Approach

I recently finished this painting below quite quickly, and I can’t decide whether to keep it looking like this or to start again.  It’s a very simple technique of just applying the paint directly and mixing on the canvas itself, and then scraping it across to create interesting, or at least mildly interesting, patterns using a plastic CD cover.  The painting below is based on an earlier painting I did at my undergraduate university art society a few years ago, and to which I later gave to a friend.  To be honest I’m looking to give this one away if I can.

In earlier posts on here I have stated my love for Impressionist era painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Picasso and others, and whilst I dearly love their artistic works, I still haven’t attempted any realistic paintings myself as I do not possess the skills necessary.  In fact, I still haven’t used oil paints yet, but look forward to the day I start experimenting with them!  Still, I find it inspiring and moving to view such woks of art, and I can often be found in my hometown art gallery admiring the local painters and the art society, with their differing styles and approaches.  I find the mixing of the paints, of the vibrant colours washed over a large area of canvas, quite therapeutic to produce and yes, sometimes a joy to look at.  Other times I am just not sure, but it is always fun to experiment!  I think my next attempt will include some pencil and pen drawing underneath before applying a thin layer of acrylic paint- I am keen to see if this approach of detail and use of block colour will work.


A large canvas (around a meter tall or so) of a recent acrylic painting using three main vibrant colours to highlight movement and circularity. Although I am not quite keen on the way this turned out, I am happy with the finished piece. Hidden underneath this painting is a further two of differing form, from earlier attempts.


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