I’m sat at home, but nothing is really in easy walking distance.  It isn’t the same as when I lived in Hull or Sheffield (funny how much you can miss a place), when there were communities right on your doorstop, how you could happily mingle and take in the fresh air.  Here I feel a bit odd if I go into the front garden, with the houses bearing down and the main street just meters away.  Everyone has a job, but I don’t and I’m finding it tough to get hired.  God knows I’m searching and applying, but I just keep getting bounced back.  Ah, this all feels rather dark and soul sapping, but I just want to get on now.  Instead it seems to be a similar, familiar routine, a throwback to my days of recovery from the major leg surgery, but now there is a distinct bitter scent in the air.  It’s time I got myself out of this.

ar123648698406879 - Copy

What a beautiful creature!

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