Hollywood in the Media and Wider Thoughts

“But such slick, award-winning cinema isn’t about nuance, it’s just self-serving moral ambiguity – and in this sense it is a fitting cultural reflection of actual US policy in the Middle East.”

Today’s Guardian article on the recent main American movies and television shows depicting the Middle East, or Middle Eastern issues, to a Western audience, including the films Argo, Zero Dark Thirty and the TV series Homeland.

It is important to notice the variations in the publications regarding the US, and the West’s, perceptions and reporting’s of the Middle East as a whole.  Whilst I am not comfortable accepting a certain viewpoint (who can be in this over-saturated information world?), I think it is wise to try to read widely and understand the effect and implications that can happen from misunderstanding our fellow human beings.

I am not a big fan of the politically correct brigade, but I also realise change needs to happen, in certain respects.  The recent US election was a dismal failure, as the dichotomy of the Republican and Democrat thrashed it out, mostly to the horror of the world if the republicans had won.  Even so the US continues its unlimited drone attacks , and a nuanced approach to world wide politics and governmental understandings remain a distant dream.

This is a world issue which worries me, as both a citizen of a Western country, and as a citizen of the world.

However real change is happening, no matter how it is reported throughout the world’s media.  People are standing strong, and together, to fight injustice throughout the world, regardless of faith or governmental decrees.  One only has to look to India to the recent outpouring of protests due to the fatal rape of a promising medical student, to the on-going upheaval’s of the Arabic Spring and the birth of democratic nations, to the world wide community of Avaaz who are standing together for good of global ideals, to understand that people on an national and international scale are not happy.

We have to ask ourselves, and each other, what is the sort of world that we want to live in, want our children to live, and want our descendants to live in.  Do we let the fanatical minorities of religion win?  Do we remain brainwashed by the mass media into hating people and countries far away?  Do we remain ignorant of the effect that we have on our beautiful planet?

There are no easy answers.  There are no shortcuts.

This is the way that life has always been, and likely, always will be.

But it takes courage to stand up for your ideals, whatever they are.  And it is in this way that we can remain true to ourselves, and to make the individual heard.

Do we sit silent?  Or do we raise our voices?

Only you yourself can decide, and answer, that.

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