Friday Night

I promised myself that I wouldn’t waste this Friday night, that I would spend it wisely, but here I am again, sat on the couch in a lonely house.  The normal television shows are on and I’ve fed my body the usual crap.  The only solace I can draw from this situation is that I drove fairly well earlier, bar a few speeding issues, and that I managed to get a good hour in the swimming pool earlier.  I am, to be fair, a morose fool.

Although things on the job market front don’t look promising (I feel Murray’s pain!), I now have time to read, volunteer, play some music and to see friends.  It is time I am grateful for.  Sometime in the next two weeks I hope to get back to a local music rehearsal room to have an informal jam with friends.  Although I won’t waffle on here, I will say that there is something fundamentally connective in playing music with other people, especially when you get into the ‘groove’ of a song or a particular movement.  Other than perhaps sexual intercourse, there is rarely anything that makes you feel more connected to the great family of humanity. I understand this sounds perhaps a tad dubious, but I’d highly recommend you pick up an instrument, get in touch with a few musicians, and have yourself a jam!

My current guitar, and a beautiful Marshall stack (which, unfortunately, I do not own).

My current guitar, and a beautiful Marshall stack, which, unfortunately, I do not own (one day!).


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