Hello, I hope this post finds you well and happy.  I run another blog that is pretty popular but deals with the professional side of my aspirations- both my experience in the field and my dreams to become something that I fear I may never be.  This blog will publish my short scenes, short stories, photographs and some possible artwork.  It is not to be taken seriously, or to be taken as a collective.  Each post is to be taken for it’s each own individual merit or worth.  I may include a favourite or moving song from time to time, I hope you have the time to listen as sometimes they can be quite moving.

Why should you read this blog?  There are no answers to this question, no catch all that can entice the general public, no all seeing eye that can catch the zeitgeist or the bored and lonely teenager.  This blog is just a place on the ever expanding internet, a blog where, from time to time, some half wrote scene from a memory will be posted, a song extended into an electronical suggestion, or a half baked poem will find its way online.  

The work will be all mine, all the time, until I cease to exist.  My disposition is cheerful to people who know me briefly, ridiculous to those who are close to me, and idiotic to those who know me best.

I hope you enjoy, but most of all, I hope you close the page down, open the front door and walk out and explore this big beautiful world we’ve got to inhabit whilst our eyes can see and our hearts can beat.


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